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Elder-Son Entertainment

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The album “Elder-Son: Autograph” is now out on all online music platforms. Make sure to buy a copy today. Some of the earnings will go towards VETERAN NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Like “Walk for Veterans” And/or “Patriot Clinics of Lawton OK, USA.”


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About the Author:

William Levi Elder A.K.A Elder-Son is the firstborn son of a small family. As an independent artist, I make it my mission to provide the best content possible to all of my fans or fellow colleagues. That includes tools used to advance me. Not many people introduce themselves to the game by giving back. As a veteran of the Army that is nothing new. Click the “Love Music? Earn Money!” tab to find out how you can get paid to post on the next big social media.

It’s not your traditional style of Hip-hop/rap. Nor is it trap. My sounds are known as Inner City Soul. A blend of all great things that is urban, indie or underground music. With a sprinkle of RnB. I make classical piano tunes and theme sounds too. Press play on the Spotify link above or scroll down to my Soundcloud & Pandora.

Thank you for landing this page. Make sure to explore the whole website to follow up on everything going on. Exciting times we’re living in today. Make the most of it now. With the negative pressure of common media nowadays, now more than ever is the time to maximize your potential. Encourage all of you to do it. I believe in you!

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